About Us

Hosts are active female users of our app, who video chat with other community members. Ideally aged 18 – 35, interested in making new social relationships, looking for a reliable source of income by working online, and wanting flexible working hours.

Host Coin

how hosts get coins

Coins can be earned in Five parts:

Private Call, Gift, Event Rewards, Task, Chat Coins;

1. Private Call: The Price of Private Call is divided into 5 brackets
based on the talent’s weekly coins, 60~150 coins/min.

2. Gift: The more gift talents get, the more coins and possibility of
matching high-quality paid users.

Host Coin

Why Should You Stream on Our Platform?

The exchange rate is divided into 5 brackets based on the talent’s weekly coins and average call durations.(when average call durations are on a lower level than weekly coins, talents will be given the exchange rate right below the current weekly coins level)

(Level SS) If you earn more than or equal to 160,000 coins in a week, The average call duration is longer than 6 minutes in a week, and the exchange ratio is 300.

300 coins = $1

160000 / 300 = $533.33

Host Daily Bonus

How To Complate Daily Tasks

Daily Task: Extra bonus for talents.

Daily task will be updated every Monday at 08:00 (UTC+0).Once the talent complete the task, she will be upgraded to the next level next week, otherwise she remains at the same level, and the task count starts from zero next week.


Level task is based on the exchange rate level

Higher level talents will be distributed with more paid users and get a better exchange rate, so try to earn more money!

Salary and Payment



If Host earns less than 12,000 coins in a week, she can't get paid for the week. But the coins will be merged to the next week. If the total coins for these two weeks is more of 12,000, she will still receive payments.

Note: Coins can only be stored for two weeks. If the Host doesn't reach 12,000 coins in three weeks, the coins will deleted and the account will be permanently banned.


Every Monday, we will calculate the data for the past week (Monday to Sunday). After the streamer confirmed her salary, Payment will be made on the following Thursday-Tuesday.


If payment fails, payment will be made again at the following week.


Host payments will be sent to each agent.
(the agent is fully responsible for this)

Salary and Payment

how to agents get the money

We provide 2 options for agents to withdraw funds.


EPAY is the first choice we provide to be able to withdraw funds. We recommend agents to use Epay because it's easier and more efficient to make withdrawals. Immediately register your Epay account by clicking the link below!


PAYONEER is another option for agents to make withdrawals if they have problems registering or using Epay.

Host Rules


Those under 18 years of ageare not allowed to join


Not allowed to registermore than 1 account


It is not allowed to engage insexual behavior in public


It is not allowed to display childrenor men on the platform


Not allowed to guide usersto switch to another platform


Reported by user for bad service attitude (sleeping, playing phone, not saying Hi, etc)

Host Rules



Violation will be deducted 200 coins


Violation will be deducted 500 coins


Violation will be deducted 800 coins


Violation will be deducted 1000 coins


5 Violations then the account will be banned permanently and the host will not receive salary payments

Pornography Rules


Focus on sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, and breasts.

Deliberately exposing or exposing sensitive body parts such as the vagina, hips, or breasts.

Twist the hips or breasts.

Put your hands on your body with a movement.

Biting or licking lips, sticking out tongue, or sucking fingers in a sexually seductive manner.

Undress to reveal shoulders, stomach, chest, back, hips, thighs, or vagina.

Showing sex toys or using something for vulgar purposes like licking bananas, eggplants, cucumbers, etc.

Vulgar gestures with sexual or insulting implications.

Wearing tights with clearly visible contours in the vaginal area.

Wearing tights with contours that show the buttocks clearly.

Naked with no underwear on the screen/frame, showing only the shoulders, back and thighs.

Message Rules

Words that have correlated meanings, abbreviations, or phrases are also prohibited.

• Adult content such as pornography is NOT allowed. (e.g., boobs, nipples, penis, pussy, sex, naked, fuck, lust, butt)

• In order to protect streamers, it is NOT allowed to provide users with personal information, such as phone numbers, home addresses, Facebook accounts, WhatsApp, etc. We encourage you to create fictitious information about yourself. (e.g. ID number, home address, phone number, email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter)

• Other payment information is prohibited from mentioning in sending messages, requesting and receiving money from users through other payment systems, is strictly prohibited. (e.g. PayPal, cash, bank card, GooglePay, WesternUnion

• Offensive words including dirty talk are not allowed. (e.g. nigger, yellow monkey, ching-chong, bastard, whore, etc.)

• No vulgar gestures or symbols. (e.g.🍆, 🖕, 👅, 💦, 👉👌, 👙, 🍌, 🍑, 🍼, ☝, 🔞)

• Any content involving violence, weapons or illegal drugs. (e.g. guns, C4, bombs, drugs, cocaine, marijuana, weed, terrorism)

• NOT allowed to talk about other platforms. If you know of someone requesting a streamer to work on another platform, please report it to us directly or through your agent.

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